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Knowing the basic principles of sensory analysis is essential for the properly conduct sensory tests; therefore, we offer courses on this science. The courses are not only focused on the training of panels, but also on the science and its application in the food industry. In this way we teach the basics of sensory evaluation to the company managers and they train their workers to conduct in-house quality controls.

The profile of those attending our training courses include technical staff from food companies working at the departments of Research and Development, Quality Control, Marketing, directly or indirectly, using or willing to use sensory analysis as an additional tool in their daily work and also consumers willing to enjoy and learn more about the food they consume in a daily basis through their senses.

Now special attention is being paid today in performing training courses for RESTAURANTS, hotels and catering staff (eg, cooks) with two main objectives:
a) getting the best out of local raw materials or ingredients, and
b) use of new technologies in modern food processing (extraction of aromas by vacuum distillation, use of liquid nitrogen to achieve specific and desired texture attributes, etc.). .

Do you want to join our panel of tasters?

Register and you will participate in the sensory analysis of all types of products such as chocolate, juices, nougat, ice cream ... Not only will enjoy experiencing and examining the ways but also there is reward for the participation.

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