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SensoFood Solutions has 12 years of experience in training sensory panels, selecting panel leaders, conducting consumer research, consulting and developing new products for prestigious Spanish and International food companies, such as Chocolates Valor (chocolate), Industrias Jijonencas (ice-creams), Danec (vegetable oils), Industrias Licoreras de Guatemala (rum), etc.

We believe that companies in the agro-food sector have the need of using sensory analysis to project themselves into a better and more successful future. Our extensive experience allows us to provide our customers with the services needed for developing new products and optimize their current products according to the preferences and opinion of their present and future customers.

Our services ensure our customers a high success rate of their products in both the Spanish and international markets by adapting products to the sensory properties, image, design, quality and value/price ratio required by any consumer profile.

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